Play the Main Stage at Runaway Country


Entry is easy!  Click through to the entry form ( and upload a link to a YouTube video of your performance.  Then, it is up to the Fans to vote in the head-to-head competition rounds.

By the way, you do not need a full band to enter!

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6 thoughts on “Play the Main Stage at Runaway Country

  1. Anonymous

    Is anyone aware of all the homeless people that are paying rent in the wickam park rustic area that are being thrown out for this big concert that everyone is raving about? Ya know I used to be so self absorbed like all of you were. I learned a lot from my experiences of being homeless. I really feel for the people that have children that have basically no where to go. There is basically no help in this area because of the over population of homeless people here but you would think that there would be more empathy for these people. Oh well, enjoy your concert. I’m sure what you payed for those tickets could have fed a couple of those families all month…..Oh and when you go visit rustic make sure you steer clear of the mayor of rustic old tim, he is a real douche bag.

  2. You can see a list of the contestants on the voting page (; however, links to their videos are not available until their actual competition starts.

  3. Anonymous

    Can you see who see who all of the contestants are?

    • Anonymous

      Ok….lets try this question again…Can you see who all of the contestants are instead of who is doing head to head for that day?

  4. No. Voting has to be done through Facebook.

  5. Lisa Parks

    Can you vote without going thru Facebook?
    If you can, how?

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